Frequently asked questions

After the first order an account will be automatically registered on your e-mail. The information will be sent by e-mail instantly. The subsequent orders will be fixed for e-mail specified in the form.

We pay a special attention to safety issues, improvements of quality of service quality and the development of business. A dumping is not acceptable. Also it is worth mentioning that when we receive PayPal funds.

PayPal or Skrill will convert the payments to those currencies that we accept

No. Moreover, all orders pass careful manual processing and if any doubts occur to us, the order will be cancelled or the additional information will be requested.

It is extremely dangerous! You risk being involved in a fraudulent scheme, possibly linked to an attempt of "laundering" or stolen, etc. funds that will cause bad consequences in accordance with law. Please make exchanges of funds that you have received in legal way independently.

Any registered user of MonexCapital LTD can use our Affiliate Program. Through which you can earn up to 2% of all exchanges made through your link. All your earnings can be withdrawan at any time you wish. When a user enters through your link we automatically remember your id number in our system. If the user has requested to exchange pay its part and we successfully complete the exchange you get your profit by 2% of the difference between the two amounts. Example: If the user decides to exchange 100 dollars and our exchange rate is 1 = 0.95, users receive 95 dollars and you take 2% of 5

  1. Login with your account
  2. Click on your username on the top right corner
  3. Go to tab "Referrals"
  4. Copy link and share it to your friends, social network or other place and wait for your profits